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The Carlton Grain Elevator Tasting Space

An Iconic Landmark with a Revitalized Purpose

We are pleased to present the newest experience at Flâneur Wines: The Carlton Grain Elevator.

Built in 1922, the grain elevator was an integral part of the Carlton and Willamette Valley community for more than 80 years. But then, for a decade, the space sat unused in the center of town. Recognizing its potential as a gathering spot, we purchased the building in 2013 to be a new tasting space that retains the beauty of the past.

As we renovate the building, we look to its unique heritage, preserving as much of the reclaimed materials as possible to memorialize its historic integrity. The story of this iconic building will not be lost. Rather, it is being revitalized into a new chapter that will welcome guests from all over to visit, imbibe, and enjoy.

The project, done by hand, represents all that Flâneur Wines tries to create: an unforgettable experience that slowly unfolds like every great bottle of wine.

Carlton’s Iconic Landmark, Preserved

The Carlton Grain Elevator is a repurposed, historical space to taste, collaborate, and host events.

  • Built in 1922
  • In use until 2003
  • Sold to Ken Wright in 2006
  • Purchased by Flâneur in 2013
  • Re-opening in 2019

As we renovate this building into a usable space to fit the needs of Carlton and the Willamette Valley, we are utilizing significant amounts of reclaimed materials from the Grain Elevator itself as well as importing material from around the country to ensure the structure maintains a distinct, historical look and feeling. The story of this iconic building will not be lost, but rather serve as the backdrop for all that Flâneur Wines is trying to create: wines with a sense of place, not just in the glass, but in the surroundings you, our guest, have come to visit.