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Marty Doerschlag – Proprietor/Founder

When I first started dating my wife Julie, she asked me if I had a philosophy by which I lived my life. I told her “It’s all about love.” After living the entrepreneurial life that turned into a corporate life I decided it’s no longer about the love. I left my company and spent several years being a Flâneur. Wandering, reading and exploring lead me to the things I love. History, nature, science, art, culinary arts, taking risks, are all things I love. What I love about wine is that it embodies all the things I am passionate about.

I started researching and studying growing grapes and making wine, specifically pinot noir. If I am going to put my heart and soul into this it has to start with the best place, so where can I grow the best pinot noir grapes? Oregon. After one visit to Oregon, I knew it was the place for me. All the love started to fall into place, the work, the wine, the people, and the community. It’s deep and getting deeper. I hope you can taste the love in our wines and see it in everything we do..

Grant Coulter – Winemaker / Director of Vineyards

I got my start in life on the foggy shores of Northern California’s Monterey Bay. In those early years my first love was surfing the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. After many years of school and travels, I began reflecting on what I really wanted to be when I grew up. I have many fond memories of wine being a part of the family table. My parents dragged me through countless tasting rooms in Napa and Sonoma, back when the owners and winemakers juggled cleaning barrels and pouring wines. Those years wandering in the vineyards left an imprint on my life, which I later realized was the perfect fusion of art, science, and agriculture. So I gave up the surfing life, packed up my little white truck, and left San Diego to study Enology and Viticulture at Fresno State University.

After filling my head with chemical diagrams and organic pathways, I got down to the real work of making wine. Two harvests in California and one in Australia later, I landed in Oregon and worked as assistant winemaker at Hamacher Wines. In 2007 I joined the team at Beaux Freres. For nine years I worked side by side with Mike Etzel, tending to the estate vines and eventually working my way up to winemaker in 2013. These years were spent observing the vines and the resulting wines. In the end, I learned that the greatest wines I created were ones where I did not follow common convention, and instead let the wines chart their own course. This solidified my belief in holistic farming practices and allowing the natural process to occur. In my spare time I enjoy indoor stargazing, stuffed animal taxidermy and flipping through channels aimlessly.

Russell Lichtenthal – Director Hospitality & Sales

Born and raised in the Garden State. Growing up around food was a big part of my family culture. Large gatherings for holidays, regular get-togethers, and frequent trips to New York City all had food as a focal point.  From an early age I gravitated to the kitchen and applied to culinary schools after high school. While at Johnson & Wales University I realized I had an affinity towards my wine classes.

After completing my culinary degree I went to Le Cordon Bleu, in Adelaide, South Australia to study Restaurant Business.  I studied under wine maker Robert Johnson and took numerous wine classes from Small Scale Wine Making through Wines of the World.  Upon graduation I went to New York and cooked for a couple of years, but my free time was always filled wine courses.  I seized a front of house opportunity allowing me to curate wine lists and have conversations with guests about food and wine.  However, my most informative and life changing experiences were three years working with wine importers in China and nine months working harvest in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and California.

After a few conversations with Marty, Grant and a visit to Flaneur, I told Marty: “I want to be a part of this”. We look forward to welcoming you as a guest and know you will enjoy our wines as much as we do.

Brooke Jefferson – Regional Sales

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James – Cellar Assistant

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Jaime Cantu – Vineyard Operations

Jaime Cantu joined the Flaneur Vineyards team in January 2018.  Prior to joining Flaneur, Jaime worked at Argyle Winery where his vineyard career began. His 27 year employment at Argyle, gave him the opportunity work at several well known vineyards – Domain Drouhin Vineyards – 1989-1995, Stoller Vineyards – 1995 – 2010, Knudson Vineyards, Lone Star Vineyard and Spirit Hills Vineyard – 2010 – 2017. His passion of growing grapes was thanks to the opportunities he had at each of these vineyards as each vineyard had different needs.

Growing grapes is one of Jaime’s passions but his second passion is flying airplanes. In 2003, Jaime obtained his pilot’s license and can be found at the McMinnville airport chatting it up with other pilots. This is Jaime’s way of releasing stress. When Jaime is not in the vineyards he can be found soaring the sky having fun.

Rubin – Vineyard Operations

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