Oregon Wine Month

Happy Oregon Wine Month!

Oregon is home to some of the most unique terroir in the world and although we think it’s worth celebrating more than one month a year, we will gladly take the month of May as ours! Today we are digging into some quick facts, stats and pro tips to pull out at your next wine and dine party. 

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Oregon Wine Facts, Stats, & Tips

Fact #1: The Willamette Valley typically sees 30-40” of rainfall per year.

Fact #2: The first Pinot Noir planting was by David Lett in 1965.

Fact #3: Oregon has some of the strictest labeling laws requiring that 100% of grapes must be from Oregon to declare country, state or county on a label and 95% of grapes must be from the AVA declared on the label.

Stat #1: 19,030 acres of Oregon’s 27,202 is Pinot Noir.

Stat #2: There are 931 vineyards in the Willamette Valley, as of this May, 2022.

Stat #3: Oregon accounts for 52% of the United State’s Biodynamic Certified Vineyards.

Tyson’s Pro Tip #1: If you aren’t normally a “Chardonnay drinker”, I highly encourage you to taste Oregon Chardonnay. Our style is much different than much of the world and may change your mind! 

Tyson’s Pro Tip #2: Oregon leads the nation in independently owned vineyards/wineries. By drinking Oregon wine, you are supporting your fellow Oregonians and economy directly. 

Place of origin labeling regulations

Oregon’s Largest AVA, The Willamette Valley

Surrounded on either side by mountains and near the Pacific Ocean, the Willamette Valley is ideal for growing multiple grape varieties including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gamay, Riesling, Pinot Meunier and others!

At about 150 miles long spanning from Portland to Eugene, the Willamette Valley is home to 10 sub AVAs all recognized to be unique growing regions differentiated by soil, microclimate, and location. These sub AVAs include… Chehalem Mountains (home to our La Belle Promenade Vineyard) Dundee HillsEola-Amity HillsLaurelwood DistrictLower Long TomMcMinnvilleRibbon Ridge (home to our Flanerie Vineyard), Tualatin HillsVan Duzer Corridor, and Yamhill-Carlton.

Top varieties

Environmental Stewardship in Oregon

The state of is a leader in sustainable farming, environmental preservation, and responsible winemaking. Here at Flâneur, we take pride in our organic farming practices. Both our La Belle Promenade Vineyard and Flanerie Vineyard are organically farmed meaning we only use organic products, avoid chemical sprays, and promote the natural ecosystems within our vineyard to maintain our vine and soil health for generations to come. 

Additionally, we are members of the Deep Roots Coalition – committed to farming and sourcing grapes that are not irrigated in the Willamette Valley. Consequently, this means we dry-farm our vineyards to preserve the water table

Deep roots coalition

Cheers to Oregon Wine Month!

We hope you celebrate the month of May with a glass of Oregon wine. Drink Oregon wine and join us in supporting small businesses, sustainable practices and beautiful wines made with purpose from a truly special place.

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